Book of Discipline and Leadership Guidelines

From wikipedia: The Book of Discipline constitutes the law and doctrine of the United Methodist Church.It follows similar works for its predecessor denominations. It was originally published in 1784, in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and has been published every four years thereafter following the meeting of the General Conference, which passes legislation that is included in the Book of Discipline. The most recent edition is that of 2016.

"The Discipline" is what distinguishes the denomination in terms of what we believe as well as operational protocols and administrative practices: church services and how roles and responsibilities should be carried out. 

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"The twenty-six Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation, one for each ministry area, cover church leadership areas, as well as areas focused on nurture, outreach, and witness. The booklets are tools that get new lay leaders off to a good start and as a reference resource for all lay leaders. Each booklet includes the basic "job description" for the leader, relevant text from "the Discipline" as well as practical "how-to" information important to implementing ministry effectively. Brief and to the point, making it a perfect resource for the busy, but spirit-led leader." 

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Roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for clergy and non-clergy leadership roles as well as functional leads are defined in the Job Descriptions and Leadership Training manual shown. 

All of the job descriptions also map the Spiritual Gifts that best align.

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