Vital Leadership, Congregations, Volunteerism, and Laity

The mission of The United Methodist Church is to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world” (Matt. 28:18-20Matt. 22:36-40). This mission is achieved through vital congregations that equip and empower people to be disciples of Jesus Christ in their homes and communities around the world. (Source: Vital Congregations)

Congregations and Leadership

Vital leadership (clergy and non-clergy), congregations, and churches that thrive are created, fueled, and develop organically from these fundamentals:

  • Inviting and inspiring worship
  • Engaged disciples in mission and  outreach
  • Gifted, empowered, and equipped lay leadership
  • Effective, equipped, and inspired clergy leadership
  • Small Group Ministries
  • Strong children’s & youth ministries

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Laity and Volunteerism

Most churches -- especially small, local churches like Prospect  -- are dependent upon a volunteer labor force to operate. Volunteering time, spiritual gifts, talent, and commitment is also a key component of Stewardship and how we grow Laity ministry and leadership that fuel the church.

Volunteers will come from all different backgrounds, levels of experience, and personalities. The essential job function, role and responsibility, within the system of church are defined.  Church practices and expectations in terms of volunteer engagement determine the effectiveness and experience the volunteer will have in performing his or her duties -- as well as the results for the church. Clear expectations and training are critical.

We appreciate all who step up to volunteer at Prospect!  

Equipping volunteers builds a strong church community. Read the article.